Quite Relaxed, Gracias

Decided to spend one more day in this tiny seaside town.., I’m not in a hurry to pack up and follow the crowd … the crowd that could be my children!

Spent the day with my book and camera…. a few ccervaza and a sunburn on my legs. And this is winter!

Yesterday took a boat tour to Isla Ballaista in the morning… the highlight was viewing the Candelabra.Apparantly not related to the Nasca Lines ( about 2 hours from here) as these lines are carved deeper into the earth and it’s visable from the ground, not just from the air.  Hard to believe it’s been there for 1000s of years … looks like it was done just the other day …

Other highlights were Sea Lions and a million birds….Pelicans , Blue Footed Boobies,  Cormorants, and 4 Hombolt Penguins .    The Islands are  protected … but, once every 5 or so years, workers come along and scoop up the bird poop … liquid fertilizer

Another tour in the afternoon to Parc National Paracas .

Pink Flamgos , rugged coastline and somewhat nice beaches.  A lot of desert.

Next Post: iPhone pictures of Paracas 

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