Road Rules… what rules?

Been in Peru now just over 8 days… Shanish is still choppy and the traffic is caotic.

Last evening, I was one of 9 other people travelling from Nazca to Ica.

It’s 7 pm and the trip takes two hours. By the way it’s dark. And everyone is on their phone.. thank god the driver isn’t …distracted driving isn’t enforced here in Peru
But the music is well, distracting, tailgating is the norm … going to slow …  who cares if there is a double yellow line .., I’ll pass if I want to …
oh sorry, 1 of 10.. forgot the guy sitting on the midconsole …. ouch.

Seatbelts are for show, the driver will put his on if they spot Police… then take it off.  You can use yours if you want, providing there is one

Want to make a right turn… no problem… doesn’t matter which lane you in.  The traffic control police says ‘Pare’ (stop) perhaps they will stop … no crosswalk… no problem just cross where you want.

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  1. Hi Michele, Love the pictures and the comments. Looks like you’re having a great time and enjoying learning about the locals’ way of life. Keep having fun!!! – Is

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