Inca Trail: That’s not what the travel brochure said!

 Machu Picchu … the goal, the diamond, the reward. However, the 45km journey to get there was priceless 

Due to an escalating labour dispute between teachers and government and a high percentage that it could cancel our plan to trek the Inka trail … we were told that we would be camping (no hotel) at the beginning of the Inka Trail at KM 82.

I’m convinced the long departed Inkan Empire could hear our cries of horror.   ‘What! No shower tonight!’ So folks, a small deviation to the travel brochure, our  hotel with hot water turned into tents, sleeping bags, porta potty and a bowl of hot water

 Seven doctors (including two 13 yr olds makes nine) , Irish Honeymooners❤️, 3  Scots, and a Canadian (that’s me if you couldn’t guess) woke to beautiful blue skies and a dedicated team of local porters busily preparing  our breakfast….

Not finished yet…. oh no… remember we haven’t even started hiking yet!






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