Inka Trail: Darn Toilets

Must have been a slight shift in the toilet universe, as it seemed they were the reason i’d get either get lost or separated from my group.

Three times lucky

First day  I stopped to use the toilet…the group passed me by.  Eventually I caught up, after hiking briefly with another group for about a half hour

Second day,  Three out of six who started earlier were to wait  at a particular rest stop/toilet break 30 minutes up ahead… we completely passed them by and were still looking for them an hour and half later…

Third and final night… not only did I take the wrong path…thankfully I was stopped and pointed in the right  direction… However, someone  came looking for me… that’s because I completely missed the ones by our camp and continued uphill to other ones.

At least I was able to find this one and not get lost.

Loo with a view

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