Earthquake, Arequipa and Colca Canyon

Arrived in Arequipa at 5 am .   Dropped off near my accommodation and was given a cozy place to rest while my room was being done.

While waiting for the bus in Puno, we heard there was an earthquake near Lima., buildings in tact, but it caused  part of the PanAmerican Hwy to slip into the sea…, while I could go via Cusco to Lima (no thanks 30 hr bus ride) It solved another decision:  bus or fly to Lima… booked my flight later that day.

To fill my days in Arequipa,   took a 10k run (got lost) , overdosed on colonial architecture, several museums, El Monasterio del Catalina.  “Juanita” the mummy, Colca Canyon and plenty of good food!

Loved my stay here, but it’s time to go home

I ❤️Peru


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